Written communication in business

 In this digital world written communication has become one of the main channels of business communication. Regardless of the position, every employee comes across communication in written form and mailing take significant part of our workday. Right structured e-mail is one of the important ingredients in business communication and business relations.

icon7-1The purpose of the training is to teach participants to write “SELLING” e-mails, whether it is offers to clients, negotiations with the suppliers, discussions with partners or corporate communications.

icon6-1 Content of the training

1. Advantages and disadvantages of written communication

  • Choosing appropriate case to use writing as a form of effective communication

2. Structure of a business letter

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

3. Formatting business letter

  • Choosing the right format for your letter

4. The main types of business e-mail

  • First contact letters
  • Sales Letters
  • Order letters
  • Follow up e-mails
  • Corporate letters
  • Etc.

5. Templates / cheat sheets for the most commonly written business letters

6. Discussions and negotiations in written communication

  • Persuasion methods
  • Logically structured letter that has influence

7. The audience of written communication

  • Business communication depending on the audience

8. Business Communication in different industries

9. Effective technique to make your e-mail professional and “readable”

  • Choosing attractive subject line
  • Developing structured and professional content
  • Golden Rules of business writing

10. Marketing component in e-mails

  • How to introduce your organizations or products/services
  • How to sell your products/ services via e-mail

11. Social media as a platform of communication with your clients

  • Building costumer relationship via written communication

 After the completion of the program the participants will:

  • Learn strategies to improve writing skills
  • Increase efficiency of written communication
  • Write clearly and concisely in a professional environment
  • Learn how to adapt communication based on the audience
  • Learn how to write well structured e-mails
  • Be able to save time on mailings
  • Learn how to write selling e-mails
  • Learn how to negotiate and formulate arguments via e-mail
  • Adapt persuasion methods in writing
  • Manage to deal with conflict e-mails
  • Create templates of the most common letters in their job to use in everyday work life

icon3-1 Duration

6 hours

icon4-1 Your Investment

27,000 AMD
(Including taxes)

icon1-1 Trainer 

Anna Gevorgyan 

  • Business Development Manager at BSC Business Support Center
  • Project Manager “Quick Start” educational project
  • Business in International Markets Program at Anglo American University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • MBA Master of Business Administration at American University in Armenia
  • Bachelor of Economics at Yerevan State University

 Number of Participants

max 15



Training will cover Written communication both in Armenian and English