Teamwork and Teambuilding

icon8.1Such events give an opportunity to the company’s employees to be built and developed as a team, which has its positive feedback on the process of general productivity of the company. Teambuilding allows to discuss and solve current issues of company in non stressing conditions and to promote the working process in innovative style.

During the program practical exercises, appropriate tools and techniques will be implemented, which will raise the effectiveness of the program.

In each case of a corporate training, a study of the specificity of the company and its activities is being held and a program is being adapted to the needs of the company.

The main stages of the training

  • Formation, realization, understanding and appreciation of company’s culture and values by all members.
  • What is the productive team, how to build it?
  • Advantages of team building
  • The stages of team building
  • Methods of coordinating different ways of thinking
  • Establishing team goals and issues
  • Effective and flexible distribution of team roles
  • Development of Individual and team responsibility
  • Methods of resolving team conflicts
  • Methods of individual and team motivation
  • Teambuilding: practical implementation of knowledge.

icon5-1The main results of the training

As a result of the training

  • Firm working relationships will be created
  • The employees will know each other better, which will give an opportunity to have healthy and non-conflict work environment
  • The managers will reveal the strong and weak points of each employee, which will be used to make the team work more effective.


6-8 hours

Call us, if you are interested, and we will send an offer developed for your company.