Your own website and Online shop

icon8-1You don’t have any knowledge about codes and programming, but you want to create your own website and online shop? It is already possible now.

Quick Start starts a new training, which will help non-technical people build and launch their own website or online store with no code !
icon7-1  Who can participate?
• Beginners with no technical skills looking to create their first website
• Small business owners or managers looking to get their first website online
• People who need to have a personal website, such as artists, musicians, bloggers, etc.
• Anyone looking for an affordable way to get a personal or business website online quickly

icon6-1 The course description

  • Basic concepts related to the internet and web development
– What goes into designing and constructing web content
– Dynamic websites vs Static websites
– Front-end vs Back-end
– Client-side vs server side
– Web hosting
– DNS names & IP addresses
  • Different ways of creating a website
– Developing a website from scratch vs using Content Management – Systems and Sitebuiders
– What are site builders and which are the most popular ones
– WordPress vs Wix vs Zoho Sites
  • Purpose of your website
– Business or personal websites
– Landing page, blog, online store, etc.
  • Selecting and customizing the theme of your website
– What are the essential components of a successful website?
– Customizing the theme
– Implementing Forms into the website
– Adding social sharing buttons to your site
  • Publishing your website and mapping it to a custom domain name
– Registering a Domain name
– What are TLDs like .com, .net, .org, etc
– How to setup an email account with your website –
  • Optimizing your website for search engines
– SEO-friendly sites
– SEO tools
  • Adding advanced features to your website to automate some processes
– Why do we need advanced features and how they can help?
– Implementing apps and adding plug-ins
  • Building your Online Store
– What is an online store?
– How to create an online store?
– How to manage payments and shipping?
icon5-1 The main results
At the end of the program you will be able to.
– choose an appropriate theme and platform for creating your website
– create your own website or online shop
– register domain name and attach it to your website

icon8-1 Requirements

• English knowledge
• Have access to a computer
• Have access to the internet
• A desire to learn how to build a website

icon3-1 Schedule

Duration: 16 hours, 8 classes
icon4-1 Your investment
77 000 AMD
For creating your own online shop and manage it 

icon1-1  Trainer

Vaspur Grigoryan
CEO & Co-founder at Global Software Corporation
Vaspur is a corporate development & business growth professional, project manager and management consultant. He has a 14 year experience in numerous successful Business and Software development projects. 
Lead and managed a number of software development projects, including web & mobile development, business applications and platforms, digital solutions implementation and business automation.
Introduced and implemented various project management processes in a number of organizations. 
He is CEO & Co-founder at Global Software Corporation.