Top skills on Negotiation

icon8-1 Any employee of a company faces negotiations, from everyday business negotiations to strategic negotiations. The effectiveness of such negotiations forms the most of the company’s success.

The participants of this training will master the technique of driving the negotiation process, will learn how to create a win-win situation in any negotiation.

icon7-1The main purpose of the training is to develop the negotiation skills of the participant and equip them with such knowledge and skills that will help them to conduct productive negotiations and be successful in business sphere.

icon14.1 Content of the training

  1. Why to negotiate?
  2. The actors of the negotiation process
  3. The main stages of the negotiation process: preparation, process and  feedback
  4. Preparation for negotiations
    • Introduction of the negotiating parties
    • Analysis of the negotiating parties
    • Introduction to negotiation topic
  1. Holding negotiations
    • Active listening
    • Reviewing side/sides
    • Creation of win-win situation
  1. What to do after negotiations?
    • Ensuring feedback
    • Ensuring process follow-up
    • Implementation of changes

icon5-1 Outcomes of the training

At the completion of the training participants will know:

  • Tools and methods of effective negotiations
  • How to create an algorithm of the win-win situation for  partners and clients
  • How to use  negotiation  techniques  to achieve prior defined goals


6 hours

icon3-1 Schedule

icon4-1 Your Investment

39,000 AMD (Including taxes)


Samvel Gevorgyan 

Founding director of BSC Business Support Center-business consulting and training company 

  • Has more than 25 years of experience in the field of business consulting and training in Armenia and abroad
  • Founded 4 successful companies during twenty-five years
  • Co-author of several books, including “How to Start Own Business in Armenia”, which has become a guide for beginner entrepreneurs and a entrepreneurship textbook for  several universities
  • Lectured at French University in Armenia on Business strategy and entrepreneurship
  • 1st president of IMC Armenia
  • EBRD bank consultant/trainer
  • Conducted negotiation trainings, seminars and consulting for more than 50 companies

Number of participants

up to 15 people