Mastering Scrum

icon8-1 More and more organizations are adopting agile with Scrum. They define teams and assign Scrum masters to the teams. The Scrum Master helps cross-functional teams to achieve self-organization, and keep all Scrum values and ceremonies. Scrum is the most popular Agile framework for small teams. The main purpose of this course is to prepare junior Scrum Masters. The course is mainly based on practical works (case studies, games). The participants will have a lot of real failure and success cases from all over the world on this topic.

icon6-1  The main stages of the program

1. Course implementation

detailed description of the course

2. Practical visit to IT company

3. Qualification issuance

4. Consultation on CV writing and interview passing techniques

5. Links with employers  (* For the full program participants having high performance)

 The main Results

After the course, participants will fully master the Scrum Guide, the appropriate work style with Product owners and the entire organization. The most important is that they will be able to start acting as a Junior Scrum Masters in the real teams.


  • Intermediate (B1) or above level of English language
  • Education of Product Owner, Product/Project Manager, Business Development Officer or in other related fields
  • The experience of working with Agile, or the knowledge of Agile methodology is desirable
  • Analytical skills

icon3-1 Duration

16 hours, 8 lessons


Program start: June 17

Wednesday (19:00-21:00)

Saturday (11:00-13:00)

icon4-1Your investment

79,000 AMD (including Taxes)


Hrayr Movsisyan

CEO/Founder of “bressly”, Agile Coaching Team Lead at “Bet Construct”

Co-Chair/Founder at “agile community by bressly”

Hrayr is an Agile experienced specialist who worked and still is working in that field. He was an Agile Project Manager at “Menu Group UK Limited” company. Now he is an Agile Coaching Team Lead at “Bet Construct”. He worked with 20+ development groups in 3 different companies, as a Scrum Master.

In 2018, when he was still a junior specialist, Hrayr established an “agile community by bressly”. The aim of the community is to connect the junior and senior specialists of the region, organize experience-exchange meetings and study new facts about the field. The community acts with the same principle until now. The community has 100+ participants and officially registered on “Agile Alliance” as a local community group.

In 2019, Hrayr founded “bressly”, an agile marketing and sales company. He is considered to be CEO/Founder of “bressly”.

Number of Participants

up to 13


Armenian, terminology and materials – English