Effective time management


icon8-1Being a part of this project, you will have the opportunity to manage the time more effectively and to increase work productivity. Thus, you will be able to reach established goals by saving the time and energy.

icon14.1 The content of the training

  1. The conception of the time management, the hidden costs of incomplete time management  
  2. Work of evaluation of current situation and priorities definition
  3. Time management matrix
  4. Obstacles of business time management and “time robbers”
  5. The main rules of time management
  6. Elimination of time-consuming obstacles, Pareto method

icon5-1The main results of training

At the end of the training, the participants will master the methods of effective time management, tools, techniques and will be able to save the resources to reach their goals.


2.5 hours


Nune Varosyan

Management consultant at BSC Business Support Center

  • More than 13 years of experience in consulting and training services
  • Since 2004 lecturer at French University in Armenia
  • Managed the conduction of local and international researches
  • Confirmed as a business management specialist by Japanese JICA center