Creativity in your mind. how to develop

Creativity is not always given to us from the birth. It can be defined as a new and different phenomenon, and although the news can be impressive, it can also be a little bit terrifying. The human essence mainly chooses what’s familiar to it and what he has done many times before. As a result, we have a flawed potential and talking about creativity is useless.

This course is based on the 8-step model of creativity. When it becomes your second essence, creativity and ingenuity will no longer be considered a mysterious phenomenon. It will become a lifestyle, and because fortunately we all have the creative potential, discovering and developing it right will help us in all aspects of life: get the level of excellence in work, have a successful career, come up with exciting initiatives and create exciting challenges to make our lives more fulfilling and happy, find clever solutions to many problems, learn effectively, and raising children in a creative environment.

Target Audience:

Everybody can participate in the course because there is a need to be creative in all professions. The training can be especially attended by people who are looking to make their work more interesting or want to come up with their own projects.

icon6-1The course includes

  • Training implementation
  1. The eight-step model of creativity
  2. How does creativity usually emerge and what steps does it take to have its final appearance?- How and where does creativity originate in the human brain?- How to make the mind to be constantly ready to create and to notice at the right time, take advantage of unnoticed possibilities- How to develop observation skills- How to develop imagination- How to transform or generate new idea- How to combine ideas and get new ones

    – How to choose the best ideas

    – How to get the first visible image?

  3. Develop discovery skills
  • Qualification  issuance

You will create an individual project with the help of the tools and process gained through the course.

 The main Results

Through the course you will learn 

  • the process that the creative person goes through on the level of subconsciousness and how to do it more consciously,
  • how many innovators in the world have created something, we will apply the gained knowledge to our own examples,
  • during the last training the participants will implement a team completion project, and if desired, within a month the participants may send their individual projects or works to the trainer and receive some feedback.

icon3-1 Duration

12 hours


Program start: March 3, 5, 10 ,12

Time: 19:00- 21:00

icon4-1Your investment

29.000 AMD (including Taxes)


Anna Konjoryan

– Synergy International Systems, Human Resources Management Specialist,
– Business Trainer in Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Management & Leadership qualification
Malmo university, Sweden,
– Master’s Degree, Communication Development Program.
Anna Konjorian will share her vast experience during the training and will present all the key techniques and methodes that will help you discover your inner potential.

 Number of Participants

up to 15


Armenian, terminology and materials – English