Top skills on Communication

Currently, it is impossible to underestimate the role of the communication skills. Everybody needs to have the correct way of communicating both in daily life and in workplace. However, it is not always easy to communicate your massage to the audience. There can be times you may get “lost” on the way to make your thoughts expressed verbally. And right here communication skills come to help.

During this training participants will reveal their potential for stronger and more successful communication on various levels, their strengths, opportunities to be competitive in the business setting.

icon7-1The main purpose of the training is to equip participants with required skills, capacities, ideas, and knowledge for improved, successful, and easier communication on a business and personal levels.

icon14.1Content of the training

      1. Introduction of the topic

         – fundamental aspects of communication

      2. Perception of information

      3. The way we perceive ourselves and the others do

      4. Verbal and Non-verbal communication

         – prerequisites of success using any/both

      5. Persuasion and Manipulation methods

      6. Listening skills

         – various phases of active and effective listening

      7. Conflict management styles

      8. Communication differences between men and women

         – speech/verbal expression differences

        – decision making differences

icon5-1 Outcomes of the training

At the end of the training participants will be aware of various methods of communication, including successful and relevant (to the contexts, settings) verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, persuasion methods, conflict management styles and many more.


7 hours


Artak Aloyan 

  • Certified Management Consultant
  • International trainer in Strategic Planning, Leadership, Management, Business Communications, Personal Growth
  • Expert/trainer for EastInvest project (Public-Private Dialogue, Eurochambres)
  • Freelance trainer for EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) within WiB (Women in Business) training
  • CYD (Community and Youth Development) Technical Trainer at U.S. Peace Corps Armenia

Number of participants

up to 15 people